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Send million of your emails within an hour by Amazon Email technology.

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Track new engagement with your marketing campaign by generated reports.

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Select and sending emails to your specific market targets from the audience’s list.

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Do you know that Email has the highest values & rates through all in digital marketing strategies?


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Email marketing has up to 47% in the audience conversion rate.


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Our purpose is to provide easy access to marketing with email without any difficulty in campaign management.

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New Audiences with segment marketing

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How to do your email marketing campaign?

Click on the button on right corner of the page “New Campaign” and start to follow the wizard form to complete your campaign submission on scheduled date and content.

With each campaign you can select one segment based on your relative business category and put the amount of send to the segment total email numbers.

Some part of your design material will informed on campaign form and the rest can be sent via email to our designers team.

After days that campaign has been completed the reports can be generated and deliver to the customer with email.