Target Email Marketing


The money is in the list! Select your market segments for the campaign.

B2B, Companies, Managers, Financials

Engineering, Factories, Industrials

Doctors, Medical Supply, Health Cares

Software, Network, Internet, Companies

Students, Teachers, Books, Academics

Architects, Real Estates, Interiors, Suppliers

Ads, Top Sites, Agencies, Creators

Agencies, Tourists, Brokers, Hotels

Restaurants, Agricultural, Industries, Stores

Clubs, Stores, Athles, Gyms, Public Centres

Cars, Maintenances, Suppliers, Companies

Music, Art Schools, Artists, Stores, Events

FAQ about email marketing segments!

Yes, with more than 98% of emails accuracy we do guarantee the validations and if not so you may request for refund.

No, the email list are only for sending via campaign and not available to request for sale.

Just pick your list and click on (New Campaign) button on header right and star create your new campaign with favourite segments.

As all the emails are active but in some cases some list have more engagement such as business and industry or the health segment.

Our weekly processing data platform is validating the email new status to avoid bouncing.

98% Accuracy guarantee. If you encounter a lower accuracy in reports, rate ask for refund.

Active email list with average of 10% to 40% email open rate engagement in all campaigns.


Select your interested target market

From the above list, pick your favourite segments and submit it on step two of the campaign creation wizard.